Indexed Life Annuity

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Same Sex Couple Joint Life Annuity Comparison

View the annuity illustrations for same-sex couples.

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2016 RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Rates


View our RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Calculator

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Annuities gain attention as Australians age

Below are my comments to “Annuities gain attention as Australians age” by Ruth Liew

Life annuities which guarantee you a life income are now in demand across the world.

Americans who used to buy variable annuities tied to the stock market,are turning more and more to the guaranteed-for-life product which has no variation in income and no further costs.Australians also are joining Canadians who have stepped up their rate of purchase of theses products.

These 3 countries are among the most affected by wild stock market volatility and the non-existent interest rates.The governments have been manipulating both to drive the public into the stock market where many people are nervous.

But where else can they go? The governments know that their public have no choice as a 2% return results in a negative return after inflation and taxes.

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Volatility driving retirees to think longevity annuity

Here are my comments to a recent article by CNBC “Volatility driving retirees to think longevity annuity

This continuous debate over annuities and their use in retirement incomes is attracting more people.

If you think that an annuity should provide a guaranteed income, what you need is a life or immediate annuity. The payments will be fixed, no more costs and in no way subject to stock market valuations. You are buying a life income with your funds and that’s the end of the story.

But if you want to stay,at least partially in the market,then a variable annuity is the way to go. But these annuities incur a lot of costs,some hidden, so you should get all your costs written out for you, not hidden in a glossy binder

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Punitive changes coming soon to life annuities

This article follows on from one published by Sun Life about the oncoming impact of taxes on non registered annuities. From January 2017, income taxes on non registered will soar.

We find that clients are really fed up with the machinations of the stock market and the low,low interest rates.They remember when the world was calmer and they could get 8% on a GIC. Now every mad country seems to threaten the world with missile strikes and bond returns keep falling.

So using their ages as a missile,they seek and get far better returns in a life annuity.

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A larger fear lurks beneath debate over negative rates

Perhaps the most important lesson to derive from this article is in the last 2 paragraphs. Here the writer concludes that many ideas have been tried, none have worked and they don’t know what to do next.

We don’t know either, but suggest you take steps to, at least, protect your buying power.

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Should you take your pension as a lump sum?

Cashing in a pension or putting it into any investment that is NOT GUARANTEED is foolish in the extreme. Witness the advice from Nathan Parkhouse who is concerned about lower interest rates. He is concentrating on the hole, not the doughnut.
The stock market does not give guaranteed returns. Only an annuity will guarantee a cheque until the day you die.

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Single or Joint Annuity? Which is best?

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Nortel Pension Calculator

UPDATE: Nortel Negotiated Pension Plan Windup

In one of the last updates, FSCO approved the final windup plan for the union (negotiated) Pension Plan #0587766. Morneau Shepell will commence mailing letters around November 16, 2015 apparently which will explain the status of the member.

Nortel Pension Plan Calculator

Nortel employees can now instantly calculate their approximate annuity income online. To find out approximately how much Guaranteed Income For Life you could receive, simply use this easy Nortel Pension Calculator. A precise quote from all the companies will be provided before you make a decision.

Start your calculation here > Nortel Pension Calculator


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